I need all 🤦‍♀️

I am such a needy person.
I need to have everything.
I need the stars, the moon,
the birthday candles,
picnic baskets,
tiny predictions,
chameleon memory,
Polaroid pictures,
hands that hold,
hands that feed,
a Five star hotel,
a burger van.

I need,
No two consecutive nights crying,
unlimited times of messing up,
A rush to change the world,
a clock to lock good things in,
a north pole of fiery dreams,
a south pole for my criminal words,
the lamps that would flicker
in the test of time.
I need to know my
eulogy before I die.
I need all
and I’d would pack
it in a flower metal box
and place it under a small
tree of an olive family
passing its essence into the roots.
So, when I would wear a
Lilac cardigan I would
know I have everything.


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