Wishing all of my fellow writers, a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

In this gloomiest year
let’s widen our smiles
open our hearts a little more
and spread our contagious happiness everywhere ☺️

I’m pretty sure your smiles will
light up the room as well as the hearts of your loved ones. ❤️
Be with your family
eat several delicacies
help others
And don’t forget to stay kind. ?

Laughter, kindness, hope, love can save any world for any number of times.

Anyone who is struggling in these hard times, I’d congratulate you for holding it for so long and it’s going to be over soon. Stay strong. You had been doing great till now.
You’ll be fine.
I’ll sincerely pray for you and everyone to receive something good soon.
Cherish yourself first to cherish others.

Stay safe!!
Spread smiles!!


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