Have you ever closely looked at
the burning fire?
Crackling in an open furnace
like a campfire or a fireplace.
Attracting you with
its wavy blazing flares.
Holding enormous power
to burn anything in the vicinity
but stays confined within the limits.
The mightiness to destroy
yet provides you the warmth.

When you look into it
you feel that power within
Something burning inside you,
Something moving you
towards meaningful
that has not been cultivated yet.
The unique magic of fire
melting walls and penetrating into you
in form of tiny veins
unlocking a spectator,
an observer inside you.

It opens a chamber of your mind
where there is too much wisdom
you aren’t aware of yet.
Looks like your soul knows it too.
The answers you had been looking for
so you start following that gut.
Forgetting about the world!
You find there is so much unexplored
And you wish to dig it all open;
The parts you rarely visit.

It could be your higher self.
Not the Highest One(yet)
Like an Attic,
It’s rarely used.
But so much stored in there.
You visit only when you need it.

Sometimes your subconscious calls you out
when it sees you struggling,
It understands you need something,
it understands the void you’re trying to fill
but that won’t be available in the outside world.
And hence, makes you visit.

And after this Self-Realisation
for a fleeting moment
all comes to halt.
You are so moved by that power
That you push yourself through it again,
You wish to enter that trance again
but it doesn’t happen.

Similar to an episode of any series.
When it ends you know you have to wait
till it airs again.
That’s all you are supposed to know at the moment.
And you make a truce with it

In same way,the door has been closed now
And wants you to stay put for a while.

I believe Nature holds that power.
The world we are trying to build outside,
Nature has the power to showcase that world
we have already built inside us
but aren’t aware of it.
It gives us directions from time to time,
answers to our confusions,
enriching us with ideas if seeking any.
That focus, that thinking, that looking does wonders inside us.
It’s weird but pleasurable.

That’s why they say. You reflect what you feel within.

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