When blue was vibrant
And the taste craved was white currant
Giant desires insisted
To go overboard and be a tyrant

“What’s in the diet?”, questioned heart
Outraged Mind, so prepared a chart.
“No cheat day, anymore stud”
Designs were made for your fat to shunt

“How about we clinch and come to an alignment”
Little did they know about the upcoming arrangement
“Let’s choose the day when sky chooses blue”
Since it was an era when heaven bore every hue.

So Mind agreed, no reasons to be defiant
One day in a VIBGYOR week, was the new alliance
No one knew, why sky took a tweak
Ever since that day, blue was there—every day, every week

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  1. So nicely written….Good work

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    It’s so nice to see your writings. Best of luck. Waiting to see more.

    1. Shannnn…. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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