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Shy Shore awaits the Tides 
Embracing them when they come by
Cuddling it hard before letting go
Anticipation added as another woe.

Moon hauls the tides,
hearing those wailings
So Shore could enfold them a little longer happily and squealing

But as they say, there’s always two sides of a story
Nobody sees the rigorous effort the Tides carry

Throbing through their own pressure
Brawls with Rocks for fleeting pleasure
Reaches shore with a fervent need
Making erotic love before it recedes

Leaves silently with an unsaid promise
To rejoin soon when the time is cosmic
The curse is lifted only for an instant
But it reassures- the absence of one is an indication of other to be non-existent

You And I

You And I

Look at me and
You can see your heartbeat.
An eyeful inspection &
You can see your own dreams.
Peep through your own soul
And You’d find me.

I were you and you were me
Ever since the first gaze.

A rough draft of your future
Gained a foothold on my devotion
Our clumsy Gluttony fondness
Found each other with hungry keenness
Look for that appetite
And you’d find your own cravings.

Bare out the constraints &
You’d see an incredible acceptance,
An acknowledgement,
An approval
Of your melting wounds dying to be healed.

Look for that magical potion and
You’d find your sorcerer.
I’m the chalice of your conjured up magic
The magic which exists only between you and I.
Magic that bewitched us

Throwing us into an exquisite eternal maze
For I were you and you were me ….
Ever since the first gaze.

Materialistic Mayhem

Materialistic Mayhem

Light appearing at end of the tunnel, I ran towards it blissfully.
Realization hit me eventually when it railroaded me skillfully.

Rotten thoughts, infected logics, even snatching the reins of ethics.
Obnoxious brains decaying goodness along with it’s robust magic

Couldn’t stand righteousness, these conniving creatures plotted schemes
Being one of an honest kind became their bitter distant dream

They struggled relentlessly to exterminate me like a pest,
But the Pearl already underwent her share of pain to be a glorious Gem.

A Frozen Bubble

A Frozen Bubble

You know what a frozen bubble say:
Giving up is such a cliché

I was born to be destroyed in a moment
And here I’m, standing against my opponent

I trap air through my thin walls
That very day, the Mighty wind is appalled.

All the ingredients formed me perfectly
Colorful, Chromatic, beautifully hued; having to vanish in a jiff, I would die artfully

Before I could burst, I see the ice crystals dancing on my surface
Ensuingly I knew I was always meant to last longer with an undying grace

It started a war. I wasn’t the one to be tamed.
DAMN! I can freeze TIME. This proud moment unarguably was meant to be acclaimed.

Costly Drama. – Ricardo Sexton

Costly Drama. – Ricardo Sexton

A poignant touch of interlaced emotions stirring our essence up by Ricardo Sexton

Costly Drama.

In time, it’s the granted
No! …it comes unwanted
It never asks, it only offer
It always makes me suffer

– “It was me all along”

I thought I was tough
I thought I was strong
Enough! (I’m so weak)

It is miserable and extreme
Its process is slowly but seen
I’m walking against the wind

It’s not the wind, the wind’s cool
But, it’s also cold & unstoppable

I’m confused. What is the use?
In being tough on a statement
If my heart remains vulnerable

© Ricardo Sexton

Source: Costly Drama. – Ricardo Sexton

a roadmap of revenge | jdubqca

a roadmap of revenge | jdubqca

A soul-stirring, must read piece by John Matthew Waters

we studied together
and recited psalms
years ago
when nobody knew your name

you kept mostly to yourself
reading scripture at night
and eschewing violence
while everyone else
danced beneath artificial lights

when the world fell apart
you slipped through the cracks
resurfacing deep inside a madness
that was nothing short of prophetic

years later I was called before
a makeshift court
forced to testify
how you had solely masterminded
a roadmap of revenge
leading to misery and destruction

what I had witnessed
would make no difference
not as long as you continued
stabbing westward
unseen and unafraid
daring an uncertain world to stop you

Source: a roadmap of revenge | jdubqca

The Scars I liked…

The Scars I liked…

Wailing emotions
Howling distances
Prolonging our Union;

Your brooding absence
Summons gracefully
Our demure alliance 

Accepting gladly the vulnerabilities
You left me a soulful mark
Like a Talisman

When embraced my gawky charm
Drinking you as an elixir
I refined clumsiness

Serendipity knocked door through you
Left me starving for more
Slit open my chambers of heart

Marks of your affection 
Though scarred me for life
Yet are worn in elegance 

Pretense: Two Worlds

Pretense: Two Worlds

The Divided Duo

He snaps a picture of food
He prays for all three meals

He throws the waste into dustbin
He has a knack of finding something valuable from that very bin

He’s too confused to choose an outfit
He’s too busy in sewing the ripped parts

His room is a manifestation of affluence and comfort
His one-room-sized home is damp and devoid of essentials

He buys gizmos as necessity to remain updated
He might have to sell his organs to feed the mouths

He falls into loops of sins or virtues, either way doesn’t matter
He restores his faith in God as a bribe to himself

He longs for a deep sound sleep whilst possessing all the riches
He dreams of money to make ends meet

He yearns for a true mortal warmth & compassion
He laughs heartily with nothing to lose

If he is caught he’s on scandal rampage sessions
If caught he’s just a Criminal

He wins even before participating
He loses before he could start

His presence is a bliss
His existence – an abomination

On a day of rendezvous with these two divided worlds, sitting together on a bench – both exhausted from life, both beggars with different insatiate appetite; finally see what a divided world they live in! One world a pretense of comfort, other an attempt of making it.

But God & Coffin could never tell them apart; A human flesh with nothing obligatory.




When blue was vibrant
And the taste craved was white currant
Giant desires insisted
To go overboard and be a tyrant

“What’s in the diet?”, questioned heart
Outraged Mind, so prepared a chart.
“No cheat day, anymore stud”
Designs were made for your fat to shunt
“How about we clinch and come to an alignment”
Little did they know about the upcoming arrangement
“Let’s choose the day when sky chooses blue”
Since it was an era when heaven bore every hue.
So Mind agreed, no reasons to be defiant
One day in a VIBGYOR week, was the new alliance
No one knew, why sky took a tweak
Ever since that day, blue was there—every day, every week
A Soldier’s verse

A Soldier’s verse

All the wounds in the world have healed
As I enter the place of light
Lucky are those who were barely alive
And oh-so-lucky who couldn’t made it through the night.

Guns and trenches when became our buddies
How we all laughed at our unfair injuries
“We now only pay for one shoe, Soldier!”
Shrieked a voice, teasing with a contagious laughter.

Those parties in our precious dungeons
Broken ribs, swollen eyes when cured with light punches
What we had lost, what we had gained
It was all in the pride of our nation

Holding the dangerous weapon in our hands
We had to pen down the words for the loved ones we had
“Always be happy. Do not cry”
while I sobbed, longing to see them one more time.

Keeping those letters to safeguard our souls
Let it not reach to the hands we hold
We will be back, find a way to home
And if not that,
“We all did great”, tell our moms.

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