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Dear Mail Box

Dear Mail Box

Dear Mail Box,

You were the supreme time travel machine. Finding hand written letters in that rounded trunk, delivering love every other day -you let people exchange emotions at different time. As a fantasy land, I wish to enter in you hoping to reach an era of a Stranger-Land where ‘I’ being the happy news for someone.

Broken, unessential & burned out,

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

One smile,
Two hands
Fed hundred mouths

Divine Light shone brighter
than any burning cracker could…

Happy Diwali Folks



Humans be like:

Humans be like:

Man 1: Hey! I have been seeing you struggling for a long time. May I help.

Man 2 {beamingly} : Sure. Can you?

M1 : Certainly. I will see what I can do.

[M2 meanwhile struggles really hard and almost achieve his goal]

M1 {sarcastically} : You yourself have done a lot without my help. Why would you need me now anyway. Seems like you didn’t trust me enough.

M2 {genuinely} : No! No, Friend. I trusted you but I didn’t want to be all dependent on you. I HAD to make up the leeway to keep my pride. But truly I AM grateful to you for even offering help in my hard times. I will always appreciate that. Thanks and do let me know if could be of any help to you. I would love to be.

{Smilingly, he walks away}

M1 {To himself} : YOU!!! YOU WILL HELP ME?
Yeah! Blow your own trumpet now. Disgraceful fellows. Why would ask for help anyway. I don’t understand how did he manage it himself to come up to this level. Totally unbelievable. I am sure somebody would have backed him up and that snobbish liar isn’t telling me the name. No one can struggle that much. I know I couldn’t in my past. Everyone needs a lifting hand. I was waiting for him to flatter me but NO. He didn’t even charm me enough, didn’t buy me any gifts and yet I was ready to help him. Why should I? and that too for free?

Well! Now I am gonna see how far can he go on his own. I am going to set zillions of roadblock in all his assignments, might even snatch away his supporters. I will not let him accomplish anything and then I will see how he doesn’t come up to me crawling and begging to be helped.



Soul’s Crucification : Beware

Soul’s Crucification : Beware

The act of crucifying or execution of {it}- the Soul. 

Can you even count the number of times you have crufied your own soul for over little things.

Was ill-treating your soul on THAT night, a good idea? Rather than taking a necessary catnap.

The painful suffering you let it go through because you couldn’t silence your mind.

Harassing it over and over again because the other person made you feel so low about yourself just because you expected them to stand by you in the hour of need since for them you were their backbone.

The excruciating pain it went through seeing you in denial when you hoped that you are as important to them as you thought yourselves to be.

Those endless torment sessions where your chest was about to burst out, those nauseous smiles you had to give to pretend you were OKAY, do you know how brutally it crucified your soul everytime…

Inadvertently criticizing it to the limit where you completely changed yourself. Some for good, some for bad but it DID change you.

Those elements were basically scourge on your soul.

These times do come and will always come but Beware, not to give in, not to put yourself in self-doubt, not your soul to be martyred at someone else’s mercy.

YOU have to come out of it, beautiful & strong than ever.

I want to be your HOME!

I want to be your HOME!

What is- Home??

A mere place where one resides,

four walls giving you shelter from an unpredictable weather,

few coordinates to dwell yourself in permanently


a place filled with peace & serenity, where you forget the worries and find solace in its arms, the same spot which awaits your return no matter how many ungodly hours it takes.

Home is the private territory in this public world which you boldly & blatantly call your own.

I want to be your HOME.

When you are restless or in distress, feeling anxious or dejected I want you to come back HOME. When you want your soul to be at rest, your heart to feel peace

when you look for that little hope of tranquility in the struggle of appeasing people & their powerful minds, I know you miss home.

It is when you yearn for that strongest desire just to be loved no matter what or who you are.

I want to be the power driving that desire inside you.

You go the distance in search of better survival, to explore or to meet new people – offering them special place in your heart hoping to spend the life you wished but still somewhere, in the tiniest of your thoughts, you miss your HOME.

But that home awaits you patiently because No matter how far you go, no matter how happy or low you feel one always longs to come back home. It’s the only place where one belongs to.

For you when meet hardships or reach at loggerheads and see no path, you then think of that protected shield.

I want to be that shield for you.

There are times when our world gets disintegrated,…. dismantled. Avalanches of dreams, desires coming down and turning into dust.

The worse starts where our own brain starts playing tricks and seeks no one’s help. When we feel totally abandoned and our heart experiences worthless, insubstantial emptiness inside.

I want to take that emptiness to fill it with all warmth and tenderness which can ease your ache.

I want to be the one who can salve your pain.

Like a home, I wait patiently. Always wishing to hear your carefree laughter, the sound of which made my life feel happy &contended.


Amidst those suffering & turbulence in life one ray of hope is needed that can negate the pain afflicted, I want to be that ray of hope. I want to be the person you can call home.

I want to be your HOME!

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