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Dear Life

Dear Life

How much ever I wanted to control you, you slipped right through my fingers feeling everything as a confounded lie. Why didn’t you tell me before you weren’t supposed to be controlled rather supposed to be accepted & lived. Turn around time if you can. I want to do good to some people again.

Another Midnight poem

Another Midnight poem

Trail of thoughts
Stillness of quiet
Overdue reforms
High-pitched screams
With a muted voice
Here’s #midnight
For you

The Mornings

The Mornings

He got up
She started with chores
He brought groceries
She cooked
He made her fav tea
She sips his fav coffee
He got dressed
She sighs the look
He got ready for work
She’s off to start too
She closes eyes and sees him
He closes his eyes and feel her

They did everything together…
While being apart.

Save Nature!!

Save Nature!!

Water drowned in itself

Fire set herself ablaze

Heavens burnt in Hell

Wind hexed for immobility


Humans tried to ingratiate Nature by promising morality & honesty.

Stay Calm…

Stay Calm…

It seems outrageous

But never knew

Calmness could give so much courage.

We are the 20’s

We are the 20’s

We enjoy the perks of being a grown-up;
But, ever so often, sob like a kid.
We remain resolute to our goals; yet deep-down value ethics like our gray-haired pals.

We want to have all the riches; yet our priority changes to keep our parents happy and proud.
We sometimes spend tons on wardrobe to flaunt; yet wear the most comfortable attire for the umpteenth time without anyone’s care.
From longing to go out, we reached where we find staying at our homes, desirable.

We all have been from ‘centre of attraction’ to ‘friendless’; from feeling lonely to enjoying alone, from cherishing others to end up working on ourselves.
We are expected to know everything; and only we know there are times we have to trust our inner-self with no idea of how to overcome the ordeal.
We now travel to fill our hearts, and not just ‘Timelines’.
We are independent, intelligent in the eyes of younger generation, though only we know how much we yearn to be as pampered as they are.
We lock horns with our parents for different opinions yet feel at peace when they smile.
We may come off as strong-headed but have been taught well to respect others as well.
We get excited over little attention; yet have the courage to avert ourselves before it turns into something abusive.
We do struggle as a mature grown-up &
Still enjoy moments crazily over small presents.

There is so much we want to achieve in life, but in all absoluteness we want nothing except our loved ones to be happy & healthy.
Everyone wants us to get ‘settled’ but each one of us has a different definition of settling in life.

We are in our 20’s.

We work too hard in this competitive world and so are proud to have eye baggage or an early hair color.

We are the 20’s group. We treasure love; but are so afraid to show it.

We have been heartbroken yet believe the world is beautiful & we must be ready to take a leap of faith for the one who touches our soul.
We do live a dual life but it’s a blessing to still feel or giggle like the little ones.

Caryn Weds Justin

Caryn Weds Justin

You want me to explain how I felt that day?…Well, it wasn’t a single day for me. It was a collection of profound moments I want to be in forever.
The flowers, decorations, bells, wishes, laughter -my story adorned itself with invisible pearls of contentment.The day was jeweled with stars, stars which twinkled in everyone’s eyes promising me the shower of pristine purity of love forever.

And what made my day was his ceaseless cute requests cracking me up to the core.

“C’mon, one picture! I can’t believe you’re laughing while I’m dying to see you here. I can see the entire world but you. This wait is too much to bear”


Amidst all smiles, our journey started, a promise to be fulfilled, a prophecy already written and a sacred word of our ‘holy matrimony’ ready to declare our love today.

Nervous, hesitant, flustered, but totally in your awe made me take all my steps towards you, one by one, step by step. With growing anticipation comes our last act & our first venture, altogether.

Kindred spirits as we were, I see you from afar. How lucky we were to found each other at the right time, at the right moment. I am being immensely gratified for both of us to be fallen into Universe’s trap.

Your dazed eyes stare at me with joyful, magnetic, mesmerizing look enough to take my heart again.

And you made me steer my glance away from that lifeless screen to your lively grin, time & again.

Finally, the time came
when I recited this to myself

one more time
my eyes look for you
& this one time
I withdraw myself from the world
&plunge into abyss of you never-ending affection

One more time
I learnt how a feeling of surrender
can give you so much power

one more time
I’m ready to write our story
filled with silly giggles,
contagious laughter
chuckles of delight,
& we holding our hands together with glee.

This was the moment 
I became you and 
you became me

One more time
I promised to be yours
even on you worse days.

To never let you
get homesick of traditional Love

Sharing our precious bond
with the world, 
I realized,
One more time 

I had fallen in love with you.
All over again!

Exceptional efforts put by my friend Dilpreet Sohanpal. He is an amazing Wedding Photographer residing in Leighton Buzzard, UK.  He focuses on non-models and regular people in exaggerated situations that highlight an aspect of who they are. Do have a look in his sense of defiance and fortitude in his work & magic created by him on Magic Pictures

And this was my first attempt to put story into pictures and give a lively look.

Blooming memories

Blooming memories

You may forget the words shared…

But you’ll never forget the silence shared with someone.

Face it.

Face it.

When they catch a glimpse of your soul, they inadvertently fear theirs.

A simple Man

A simple Man

Once there was a simple man
Selling his all dreams and plans
1 balloon for 5
Today his pocket fairly thrived

Scorching heat accepted defeat
Thinking how could this man cheat.
His body used to dry out everyday
But today….
He’s smiling, he’s happy
Am I losing my edge to desiccate?

Man went along with this thoughts
With all the happy toys he bought
My daughter will be so excited
The only scenario he ever sighted.

My daddy is very rich
He gets me all kind of gifts
Wherein in the parallel universe
a daughter had all her words well-rehearsed.
That 5-year-old knew how took a stand
Shameful comments & bullying one day had to end.

Your daddy gives gizmos
Mine saves me his precious time.
Your daddy doesn’t know the standard you’re in
My daddy remembers how many ponytails I like
Pity that you’re poor nor I.
because you only have money
And I have all the wealth in one tough guy

With those courageous words
she moved far ahead.
As the dusk aiming the limelight
Time came to meet her knight.

Wide opened arms dangled over his neck
Her grin too invaluable than any bills or paycheck.
Little fingers started playing with her things
and inquisitive eyes all ready to shoot endless queries.

We get water only once in our tap
so I saved some water in my bottle for you to have
Isn’t it too hot for you to work, Father?
I’ll never let you work once I’m older

Innocent goals, her sweet determination
brimming eyes quenches the thirst with her unnerving resolutions
Those 5 sips from her bottle did the magic
Which no gallons of water ever could.

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