Month: October 2017

Risk that Fall

Risk that Fall

When life

puts you in a cage

Be a butterfly.

Flutter open your doors

Leaving a colorful imprints

In it’s hands.

Humans be like:

Humans be like:

Man 1: Hey! I have been seeing you struggling for a long time. May I help.

Man 2 {beamingly} : Sure. Can you?

M1 : Certainly. I will see what I can do.

[M2 meanwhile struggles really hard and almost achieve his goal]

M1 {sarcastically} : You yourself have done a lot without my help. Why would you need me now anyway. Seems like you didn’t trust me enough.

M2 {genuinely} : No! No, Friend. I trusted you but I didn’t want to be all dependent on you. I HAD to make up the leeway to keep my pride. But truly I AM grateful to you for even offering help in my hard times. I will always appreciate that. Thanks and do let me know if could be of any help to you. I would love to be.

{Smilingly, he walks away}

M1 {To himself} : YOU!!! YOU WILL HELP ME?
Yeah! Blow your own trumpet now. Disgraceful fellows. Why would ask for help anyway. I don’t understand how did he manage it himself to come up to this level. Totally unbelievable. I am sure somebody would have backed him up and that snobbish liar isn’t telling me the name. No one can struggle that much. I know I couldn’t in my past. Everyone needs a lifting hand. I was waiting for him to flatter me but NO. He didn’t even charm me enough, didn’t buy me any gifts and yet I was ready to help him. Why should I? and that too for free?

Well! Now I am gonna see how far can he go on his own. I am going to set zillions of roadblock in all his assignments, might even snatch away his supporters. I will not let him accomplish anything and then I will see how he doesn’t come up to me crawling and begging to be helped.



Cacophony of Desires

Cacophony of Desires

Cacophony of desires

Interrupted by nature’s serenity.

Peace finally won.

A Frozen Bubble

A Frozen Bubble

You know what a frozen bubble say:
Giving up is such a cliché

I was born to be destroyed in a moment
And here I’m, standing against my opponent

I trap air through my thin walls
That very day, the Mighty wind is appalled.

All the ingredients formed me perfectly
Colorful, Chromatic, beautifully hued; having to vanish in a jiff, I would die artfully

Before I could burst, I see the ice crystals dancing on my surface
Ensuingly I knew I was always meant to last longer with an undying grace

It started a war. I wasn’t the one to be tamed.
DAMN! I can freeze TIME. This proud moment unarguably was meant to be acclaimed.

Costly Drama. – Ricardo Sexton

Costly Drama. – Ricardo Sexton

A poignant touch of interlaced emotions stirring our essence up by Ricardo Sexton

Costly Drama.

In time, it’s the granted
No! …it comes unwanted
It never asks, it only offer
It always makes me suffer

– “It was me all along”

I thought I was tough
I thought I was strong
Enough! (I’m so weak)

It is miserable and extreme
Its process is slowly but seen
I’m walking against the wind

It’s not the wind, the wind’s cool
But, it’s also cold & unstoppable

I’m confused. What is the use?
In being tough on a statement
If my heart remains vulnerable

© Ricardo Sexton

Source: Costly Drama. – Ricardo Sexton

Date with the Devil

Date with the Devil

A Date with the DEVIL and

All I’m left with

is the Carcass of words

as a customary relic

of a forgotten True Bond…

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