Month: September 2017

What is a Reputation?

What is a Reputation?

Well, It’s a rapport you build through your Hard-work.

An illusion to see oneself from someone else’s perspective & revel in thought that you are something.

All you have to do is perish one day. 

A New Day…

A New Day…

“Guys, help me choose an outfit for my first day at work.
I wanna look young.”

Mocking him they fastened the perfect tie knot.

“Here, this should work” chuckled his OLD AGE Homies.

Pretense: Two Worlds

Pretense: Two Worlds

The Divided Duo

He snaps a picture of food
He prays for all three meals

He throws the waste into dustbin
He has a knack of finding something valuable from that very bin

He’s too confused to choose an outfit
He’s too busy in sewing the ripped parts

His room is a manifestation of affluence and comfort
His one-room-sized home is damp and devoid of essentials

He buys gizmos as necessity to remain updated
He might have to sell his organs to feed the mouths

He falls into loops of sins or virtues, either way doesn’t matter
He restores his faith in God as a bribe to himself

He longs for a deep sound sleep whilst possessing all the riches
He dreams of money to make ends meet

He yearns for a true mortal warmth & compassion
He laughs heartily with nothing to lose

If he is caught he’s on scandal rampage sessions
If caught he’s just a Criminal

He wins even before participating
He loses before he could start

His presence is a bliss
His existence – an abomination

On a day of rendezvous with these two divided worlds, sitting together on a bench – both exhausted from life, both beggars with different insatiate appetite; finally see what a divided world they live in! One world a pretense of comfort, other an attempt of making it.

But God & Coffin could never tell them apart; A human flesh with nothing obligatory.


Dear Friend

Dear Friend

My Dear Friend,

there’s no one like you.

You gave me everything I needed.

Even your brutal betrayal made me learn lessons I never intended to.



“You’re a brave & strong girl. I love you so much but every story has a villain”, the 6-year-old listened intently.

His last words. And CANCER won.

Don’t do it, Humans!

Don’t do it, Humans!

“C’mon, smile. We are here for you”

cheered others.

“But why do these humans have to bang MY head to relieve their OWN stress”,

wailed the EnterKey



Sometimes all we want is freedom

Freedom for our thoughts

Freedom FROM OUR thoughts

The ‘Umbrella Guy’

The ‘Umbrella Guy’

Lost in his thoughts
walking down the pavement
That man always dreamed to go far beyond

Tortured by loneliness
Yet exulted with many
When did he become life’s unwanted pawn

Pouring water touched the time
When his merrymaking friend used to smile
kissing away all his troubles as sure as magic wand

Her melting embrace, her twinkling eyes
when lost at the age of six
“Come back, Mom” is all he could say when life had him conned

Precious bond was broken, with it his little heart
running after those shadows
Wish he could turn time around

He forgot to express
even at people’s behest
reminiscing those days when he didn’t require words to respond

With time elapsing, new friends entered life
some betrayed some left in a while
he kept searching into the horizon for something more than a Utility Bond

People said “you’re heartless”
he smiled and move forward
he knew he lost his heart with the person when he got abandoned

Yet he tried to keep them happy
and yet girls question for men being so insensitive
how could he tell them that he had been trying to feel… since long

Falling rain reminded him of everything
those untroubled childhood days of fun
drenched from head to toe act was loved & never once frowned

He hopes to be with someone
being that chirpy boy again
thinks while walking down the pavement,

because this ‘Umbrella Guy’ deserves to be owned



An intrepid choice


A trivial decision

that throws you into an abyss of endless loops of empty promises

Concept of time

Concept of time

Defying nature I entered wormhole

Traveling miles did no good to us

But time travel did.

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